Azhel E'laj

Dream on Until Rise

Don’t know why we loved each other

She majored in psychology But still can’t figure me out
So she was always prone to benefiting the doubt
I guess cus she’s alone and can’t vision a spouse
And I how I make her feel warm when we chill in the house
She’s tryna’ see what love is about
Romantic dances, red wine in France
A few steps advanced from basic commands
My basic demands is “let me get in them pants”
It’s really super simple to me
My complex, she’s lost in, great sex it’s awesome,
Took a trip down to Boston to sip on her tea
She said its s’pose to heal my soul
Gold, I guess the treasure worth more then
I told her the journey of getting to it was way more important
That preparation helped me shape who I am
I think I meant it when I said “I’m trying to see where we stand”